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I'm bored. it's raining, and I'm bored. 

It might be redundand but it doesn't make it any less true, so here I'm stealing this from [ profile] obstinatrix to pass the time.

ah! and if by any chance one of you knows of a HS AU fic with some Cas/Jimmy twincest action with Dean thrown in for good measure, please, I beg you, I've been looking for that fir so long I'm afraid I'll end up cross-eyed for ever. 

Write the first couple of sentences of/summarise the set-up for a fic. I will then reply to your comment and tell you what happens next. If you want to reply back to me, go for it. If someone else wants to reply to me/you/someone else/Billie Jean/Jensen Ackles, this will have been a shockingly successful made-up meme that is also cool. :)

I'm more used to the Dean/Cas pairing, but if you're not afraid of the unexpected outcome you can throw anything else my way; you know, just to test myself or something. 

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So, the people following me on twitter may have noticed that since the sixth (and sadly, last) round of [ profile] blindfold_spn I've been randomly talking/flailing/squeeing about a fic that particularly caught my eye. 

Starting from that one (by the way it's titled The John and you can now find it  here  at AO3) I've been kind of fangirling over the author ([ profile] stoatsandwich) and all of the works she published. 

I can't explain exactly how come I became so interested in her fics other than she treats perfectly all the theme's and kinks I'm 

click here to discover the awesomeness )

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Title: Without knowing how, or when, or from where (i love you)
Author[ profile] brokentoy
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Words: 3145
Summary: PWP. Just shameless porn, really, set after Dean and Cas (hopefully) meet again in 7X17.
Author's Note: This is a sequel of sorts to my other fic: In this form in which I am not (nor are you). You'd be better off reading it to really get the context, but if you enjoy Dean going down on Cas with no real plot you can also read this as a stand alone :)
Many special thanks to [ profile] janie_tangerine who helped, advised and provided the soundtrack to which this work was finished (Gaslight Anthem - Film Noir FYI)

Thanks to my [ profile] darkforetold , who's the best at spotting runaway commas and put them in line, as well as giving advice and being there for beta work with really short notice. And finally to [ profile] kallista85 because she's my habibi.
Title is, once again, from Pablo Neruda's Sonnet XVII for the sake of symmetry (and also, I love it.) 

It is not familiar, the wet slide of Dean's tongue over his abdomen, up and down and taking its time to acquaint itself with the secrets of his flesh. )

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This popped up on my f-list and therefore I stole it from [ profile] janie_tangerine and [ profile] blue_fjords.

Open your iTunes / Winamp player.
Put to shuffle mode.
Find pictures of the first 20 artists. If repeated, skip it.

Have your friends list guess the 20 artists.

aaaaaaand go! )

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So, I finally decided to create a ghost twitter account where I can post links to my fics in semi-total (albeit moderated), blissed anonymity. 

It's protected and the links will be retweeted by my main account. Hopefully the people who happen to follow me in real life will not even get that i'm pimping myself, as they don't speak english; but you can never be too careful, so I'll also be crossing my fingers. 

Also, I created a new community where a masterlist of all my fics is now up, and where the link to all of my new fics will be posted to be tweeted. I'm still not sure if I will directly post in there from now on, or I'll just use it as a mirror with a direct link here, but in any case this should decrease the chances of real people wandering on my porn unannounced. (not really, but a girl can hope.)

I realize this might be a bit confusing (for myself in the first place), but I don't wish to abandon my LJ or Twitter identity for a completely new one and I'm willing to try this solution for some time. 

If it doesn't work out, I'll go back to the way things were and we can all forget anything ever happened :)

in any case, you're all welcome to follow me on my (soit disant) official twitter. I mainly talk about SPN and porn, so consider yourselves warned :) 
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Title: In this form in which I am not (nor are you)
Author: [ profile] brokentoy85
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: speculations on 7x17 after Misha's last tweets. 
Words: 1802
Summary: They think he must have been a scholar of some kind before; they say he's knowledgeable, that he holds secrets in his head about the world and all of its creatures. But he thinks that as long as he doesn't even know who he is all the rest is pretty useless.
Author's note: Misha tweeted this a couple of days ago. My TL exploded (and it was beautiful) and this is what came out of a very stimulating exchange with [ profile] triedunture. As always a huge thank you to my bb [ profile] darkforetold for the beta work. She is awesome and even Misha knows it. 
Finally, the title is from Pablo Neruda's Sonnet XVII. It is beautiful, you should read it.
(I'm using this fic as part of my [ profile] 10iloveyou prompt table. Specifically the Broken prompt.)

Too often it all feels like waiting, but since he doesn't know for what he can ignore the feeling a bit longer. )
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Title: Clothed/Unclothed
Author: [ profile] brokentoy
Word count: 2459
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Just a shameless PWP, really. 
Author's note: This is my second (and last) fill for [ profile] blindfold_spn, and it was originally posted here. Original prompt was: ''A completely naked Cas (I would love his wings out) rides a fully-clothed Dean's lap. Dean opens his pants just enough to pull his cock out, coaxes Cas to finger himself open with lube (Dean usually takes care of that), and then Cas rides his cock. Cas should be hesitant and shy and slightly confused, but on board with it all.''

Also, this one too had no beta. All mistakes are my own :)

He finds himself naked in a motel room, right in the middle of it and without a scrap of fabric to cover himself with. )

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Title: The Dean Winchester shampoo experience
Author: [ profile] brokentoy85
Word Count: 
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Cas doesn't seem to be able to wash his hair properly; lucky for him Dean is there to help him out. 
Author's note: This is my fill to [ profile] blindfold_spn and it was originally posted here. The original prompt was: ''Dean has to help Castiel wash his hair.''
Also, this had no beta, so all mistakes are my own :)

Castiel can't wash his hair on his own. )

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Or so they say.

In the off chance they might be right I just laid claim to my first ever prompt table. 

Something simple to begin with, hoping I can fullfil it with no stress. I'm not really constant in life or writing, but since I'm having so much fun with the SPN fandom and, particularly, with the Dean/Castiel ship, I really want to try and make this last as long as possible. 

So, here's the link to my table:

Dean/Castiel: Hurt/Comfort 10 prompt table. 

Now we only have to see where this takes me. 

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Prompt table imported from [ profile] 10iloveyou found over at [ profile] fc_smorgasbord

Fandom: Supernatural   Pairing: Dean/Castiel

5.Together10.Writer's Choice

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