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I'm bored. it's raining, and I'm bored. 

It might be redundand but it doesn't make it any less true, so here I'm stealing this from [ profile] obstinatrix to pass the time.

ah! and if by any chance one of you knows of a HS AU fic with some Cas/Jimmy twincest action with Dean thrown in for good measure, please, I beg you, I've been looking for that fir so long I'm afraid I'll end up cross-eyed for ever. 

Write the first couple of sentences of/summarise the set-up for a fic. I will then reply to your comment and tell you what happens next. If you want to reply back to me, go for it. If someone else wants to reply to me/you/someone else/Billie Jean/Jensen Ackles, this will have been a shockingly successful made-up meme that is also cool. :)

I'm more used to the Dean/Cas pairing, but if you're not afraid of the unexpected outcome you can throw anything else my way; you know, just to test myself or something. 

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