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So, I finally decided to create a ghost twitter account where I can post links to my fics in semi-total (albeit moderated), blissed anonymity. 

It's protected and the links will be retweeted by my main account. Hopefully the people who happen to follow me in real life will not even get that i'm pimping myself, as they don't speak english; but you can never be too careful, so I'll also be crossing my fingers. 

Also, I created a new community where a masterlist of all my fics is now up, and where the link to all of my new fics will be posted to be tweeted. I'm still not sure if I will directly post in there from now on, or I'll just use it as a mirror with a direct link here, but in any case this should decrease the chances of real people wandering on my porn unannounced. (not really, but a girl can hope.)

I realize this might be a bit confusing (for myself in the first place), but I don't wish to abandon my LJ or Twitter identity for a completely new one and I'm willing to try this solution for some time. 

If it doesn't work out, I'll go back to the way things were and we can all forget anything ever happened :)

in any case, you're all welcome to follow me on my (soit disant) official twitter. I mainly talk about SPN and porn, so consider yourselves warned :) 
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